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Targeted...  Glucose

This program gives you the opportunity to "Target" one of the numbers on your blood work for cold hard cash.  If your Glucose is already in range, simply maintain this number.  If it is out of range , simply lower your Glucose by 7% to receive credit.  You will receive a Qualifying Event as well as a $20 gift card if this numbers meets the criteria of the program.  

Helpful Hint:  One of the best ways to lower your Glucose number is to declare a war on excess sugar and carbohydrates.  Check out the weekly materials below to learn more about putting up a good fight.  Think about all the places you can eliminate excess sugars and carbohydrates.  This war you are about to wage will aslo help lower your weight.

Administrative instructions

Click Here for Sample week 1 - These materials are from the "White Out, Weigh Down" Program, but are perfect for monitoring glucose.  We have provided these in case you would like to have something to hand out from week to week.  We also included the "30 Day Detox" materials in the packets.

Click Here for week 2

Click Here for week 3

Click Here for week 4

Click Here for week 5

Click Here for week 6

Click Here for week 7

Click Here for week 8

Gift cards will be distributed by the 2nd or 3rd week of June for those that met the above requirement.  Those associates that did not have 2017 blood work are eligible for the award if they have a Fasting Glucose number of <126 in the "wired up" program for 2018.