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Where To Focus For Control

If you have been diagnosed with unhealthy cholesterol levels your diet will more than likely need a make over. Many people (but not all) who have unhealthy cholesterol levels got that way to years of unhealthy lifestyle choices. Diets high in saturated fat and sugar and low in polyunsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids are often common among those suffering from unhealthy cholesterol. Even though this may sound like a big deal there are small steps your can do to eventually lead to a healthier lifestyle, you didn't become this way over night and its not going to go away over night either. Your doctor may prescribe some medications to help control your diet but it is vital and on you to choose healthier food options.
Physical Activity tremendously influences your blood flow and can be the determining factor in the impact you allow cholesterol to have on your life. To impact your cholesterol levels it is recommended to achieve AT LEAST 30 minutes of Physical activity on most days of the week. More exercise will have a greater impact on your cholesterol control. It is however important to remember, while being active you need to monitor your heart rate to make sure you are not overworking your heart. Your doctor/ exercise leader can help you to determine what is a safe heart rate for you achieve while exercising.

Communication with your Doctor
Communication is the single most important thing for someone struggling with cholesterol levels. Your doctor will prescribe medications and certain diets to control your cholesterol. Your doctor will also be able to keep record of your cholesterol levels and medical history.