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Cholesterol and Metabolic Syndrome

What is Metabolic Syndrome?
Metabolic Syndrome is the condition of having a group of risk factors that occur together and raises the risk for developing Heart Disease, Diabetes Type II, and Stroke. Risks contributing to developing Metabolic Syndrome include:
- Hypertension
- Elevated Triglyceride Levels
- Low HDL cholesterol

- High LDL cholesterol
- Uncontrolled blood glucose levels

Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome include have multiple risks factors for disease, and also an excess of abdominal fat (apple shaped).

Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome
Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome includes lifestyle modifications and may include medications. Lifestyle modifications include:
- Achieving a healthy weight, this usually means an initial loss of 7-10% of your body weight
- Increase physical activity
- Lower Triglyceride levels
- Lowering LDL cholesterol and raising HDL cholesterol
- Lower blood pressure
Those who have been diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome should also refrain from using Tobacco products especially smoking because of the stress it puts on the body systems.

Complications Due to Metabolic Syndrome
Metabolic Syndrome can lead to very drastic complications which may include:
- Atherosclerosis
- Heart Disease
- Stroke
- Kidney Disease
- Diabetes
- Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
- Peripheral Artery Disease