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Where To Focus For Control

If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes the monitoring and regulation of your carbohydrate intake is crucial to controlling your Diabetes. Carbohydrate counting is essential to the health of a diabetic. Because each case of Diabetes is unique so a specific diet plan and carbohydrate recommendation may differ from person to person. To better understand carbohydrate consumption click here:

Physical Activity tremendously influences your blood glucose levels and can be the determining factor in the impact you allow your diabetes to have on your life. To impact your diabetes it is recommended to achieve AT LEAST 30 minutes of Physical activity on most days of the week. More exercise will have a greater impact on your diabetes control. It is however important to remember, while being active you need to monitor your glucose levels especially before and after exercise to avoid hypoglycemia.

Balanced Meals
If you are diagnosed with diabetes planning meals will be essential to your ucess in your understanding blood glucose levels. Each meal will need to be planned in advance and also recorded to control your diabetes. It is important to make sure to drink at least two 8oz glasses of water with each meal.

Communication with your Doctor

Communication is the single most important thing for a diabetic. Your doctor will prescribe medications and certain diets to control your diabetes. Your doctor will also be able to keep record of your diabetic and medical history.