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Type 1 Diabetes

Type I Diabetes is a chronic (life long) disease that is usually diagnosed early in life as a child. Type I Diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to properly control blood sugar levels.

Early detection is vital to Type I Diabetes, if you suspect a child may be Diabetic do not hesitate to get them tested as soon as possible. Some people may not notice many symptoms because they are young so some signs and symptoms to look for include:

When Blood Sugar is High (Hyperglycemia)
- Feeling tired or fatigued
- Feeling Hungry
- Being very thirsty
-Urinating more often
- Losing weight without trying
- Having blurry eyesight
- Losing the feeling or feeling tingling in your feet
- Deep, rapid breathing
- Dry skin and mouth
- Flushed face
- Fruity breath odor
- Stomach pain
- Nausea or vomiting, unable to keep down fluids

When Blood Sugar is Low (Hypoglycemia)
- Headache
- Hunger
- Nervousness
- Rapid heartbeat
- Shaking

Type I Diabetes is not preventable and is a disease that there currently is no cure for, but is manageable. Management of Type I Diabetes includes:
- Insulin shots or pumps
-Physical Activity
-Very controlled diet that is recommended by doctor or dietician

Those who are Type I Diabetics will live with this disease for the entirety of their life and if controlled very well with insulin may not result in further complications, but they must be very active in monitoring their levels and must also be very avid about keeping up with doctor's appointments and frequent visits to maintain health.