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You can greatly improve your health as well as your environmental footprint by going "Meatless" on "Monday".  This is a 30 day or 4 week challenge.  Start by reviewing the Meatless Monday Outline so you are familiar with the concept and movement. We've then provided a Meatless Monday "Kit".  This contains a simple idea sheet to get you started and thinking.  This also contains a blank sheet so you can begin to plan and brainstorm your "Meatless Monday" adventure.  Last, we've provided 4 blank menu sheets so you can plan your "Monday" each week, until you get in the habit.  You Can Do It!!!


Simply Turn in your menu/tracking sheets each Tuesday or at the end of the program

***Turning in sheets each week might be a good idea to give others ideas


Meatless Monday Outline/Explanation

Meatless Monday Menu Sheets